Celebration of the Horse Weekend Adult Clinic

Clinic Package $325

Includes 2 clinics per day, stabling and 1st bag of bedding, ticket to Saturdays Barn Bash, and all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch!  Clinics include:

    • Natural Horsemanship:   Stacey Riggs
    • Dressage Coaches:  Brandy Jones & TBA, Judge: Tracey  Erway (L Graduate)
    • Working Equitation: Caitlin Day Huntress
    • Cowboy Dressage: Christine Simpson
    • Drill Team:  Jennifer Ferguson
    • Trails & Obstacles: Stacey Riggs
    • Breathing for Riders:  Erin McCarthy
    • Hoof Health & Trimming: Toni Farnsworth
    • Equine Nutrition: TBA
    • Equine Body Work: Amanda Leo & TBA
    • Equine Art Class: TBA

Camp, bring your friends and have fun all while building your skills and partnership with your horse!

Saturday night will also include a Barn Bash party on the lawn that will be open to non riders as well. Eat, play lawn games and bid on silent auction items while enjoying the view.

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Questions?  Email stacieburgess@gmail.com

Additional Class Information

USEF Ride a Test

All USEF dressage tests will be made available for the ride a test option including eventing & western dressage tests. You can choose to either ride 2 tests or receive a coaching session and one ride a test as your dressage option. Coaching will be with active professional dressage trainers who have ridden into the FEI levels. Judge(s) will be a current “l” graduate.

Cowboy Dressage

Begining, Intermediate & Advanced Cowboy Dressage

Natural Horsemanship

Foundational Horsemanship Groundwork Class:  This class will cover exercises on the ground that can be used to build your horse’s confidence and make them a safer more enjoyable ride.  Exercises will include yielding HQ’s and FQ’s, backing, lungeing, desensitizing, side passing and more.

Foundational Horsemanship Riding Class:  This class is designed to help a rider gain more confidence or for a seasoned rider who wants to refine and reinforce their skills with a green horse.  The goals of the exercises are to gain control over the horse’s head, neck, shoulders, rib cage, and hind quarters. Go and Whoa exercises and teaching your horse how to follow your focus.

Trail Obstacles

Obstacles, trail, & desensitizing.

Working Equitation

 Classes will focus on work in the Dressage & Ease of handling trials. All levels are welcome. Classes will be divided between Intro/Novice & Intermediate/Advanced. Riders can be scheduled for work on the speed trial upon request.

Drill Team

Beginning and Intermediate drill team formations and techniques. Challenge your riding skills by learning to rate your horse, ride side by side and weave through a line in a series of choreographed maneuvers


Caitlin Day Huntress – Working Equitation

Caitlin is the Head Trainer for BlackHawk. She began teaching and training Natural Horsemanship in 1999, following seven years of traditional dressage riding and education. Her study began at the age of thirteen, when she worked with such notables as Joan Bolton, U.S.D.F. Gold Medalist, Mary Wanless, Internationally known author and trainer, and Olympic Medalists Gunter Seidel and Sandy Howard. She has been a featured rider in training videos, shows, and exhibitions.

Christine Simpson – Cowboy Dressage

I grew up in Portland Oregon and was very fortunate to have extremely supportive parents who fueled my horse passion with 4-H and lessons three days a week. I began showing when I was nine and 50 years later I’m still at it. I’ve made my living training horses since I finished college at Oregon State. Over the years I’ve always combined my dressage and western training so when Cowboy Dressage came along it was the perfect venue for me. I’m now the head trainer for Whispering Winds Farm in Mulino Oregon and have the opportunity to work with a variety of different breeds using the tenets of Cowboy Dressage. What a great life!

Stacey Riggs- Natural Horsemanship & Trail Obstacles

Stacey Riggs from Eagle Creek, OR is a full time clinician, trainer and instructor. In addition to weekly lessons Riggs Horsemanship specializes in clinics that equip the horse and rider for arena, trail, ground work and all-around riding. Her passion is to empower and train her clients to be the leader and trainer of their own horse. Stacey is known for her Mustang Competitions: Grand Champion in the walk trot division with “Journey” and 4th in trail in the Legends Division on “Tangled” at the Mustang Million in Fort Worth, TX.  She went on to win Reserve Champion & Fan Favorite at the Extreme Mustang Makeover on “General George” in Norco, CA and Reserve Champion & tying for Fan Favorite on “No-Na-Me” in Nampa, ID.   Stacey Riggs is the training director and educator for the nonprofit rescue organization, Sound Equine Options.

Jennifer Ferguson – Drill Team   Jennifer has been riding for 15 years. Four of those years she rode on a rodeo drill team for Molalla that traveled and performed for competiotions, rodeos and parades. The benefits of riding on a drill team are to better yours and your horses horsemanship skills, working together with others in close proximities and having fun on horseback!

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