Available for Adoption

River (In Training)

River is a chestnut mare from the Tygh Valley herd. At roundup we noticed right away that she had a large, serious, old laceration on a hind leg that still had a significant area that […]

Adoption Pending

Penny (Adoption Pending)

Penny is from the Tygh Valley herd we helped rehome in August of 2016.  Although she was probably the prettiest mover of the bunch, she had a smaller build that the rest. She was also the […]

Thelma (Adoption Pending)

Thelma came from a severe neglect case in Douglas County almost 2 years ago where several of her herd mates had to be euthanized. This older, thin racing Quarter Horse broodmare had not been handled very […]

In Rehab

Justice (In Rehab)

Justice (formerly Jester because he came in on April Fool’s Day) came to us from a plea for help from another rescue. Once we saw a photo of this severely emaciated horse, we immediately agreed […]

Duke (In Rehab)

Sound Equine Options received a call from a Klickitat County livestock deputy about an abandoned horse. The horse was found extremely underweight and wandering down a road. A good samaritan put Duke in her round […]

Success Stories


Valente (Adopted)

Congratulations to the Senz family for adopting Valente at our Lucky 7 Challenge! He and trainer Rachel Jerome were our 2017 champions! This handsome horse was supposedly born in a large, free roaming breeding “program.” The […]

Delta (Adopted)

Delta is one of our Lucky 7 Training Challenge horses!  This lucky girl gets to spend 120+ days in professional training with JR Robles.  Some of JR’s specialties include natural horsemanship, colt starting, western dressage, reining, […]

Brooke (Adopted)

Brooke is one of our Lucky 7 Training Challenge horses!  This lucky girl gets to spend 120+ days in professional training with Andrew Lounsbury where she is fortunate enough to benifet from the Vaquero method […]

Rumor (Adopted)

Congratulations to Kayla Wright and  Rumor, the 2017 Oregon Rescue Challenge Champions!  Rumor was adopted by our own Dr. Rachel Lencioni from Eagle Fern Equine Hospital. NAME: Rumor AGE: 4 BREED: Quarter Horse GENDER: Mare HEIGHT: 14.2 hands […]

Stevie Nicks (Adopted)

  Stevie Nicks came to as when she was 8 months old from a group of suggested law enforcement surrendered horses we called “The Future Rockstars”.  She is now a 3 year old. She is […]

Rascal (Adopted)

Rascal came to us from another animal rescue. His past was unknown, and he had some trust issues. But when given the time to build a relationship with a person he learned to trust, he became very loving, loyal and affectionate. His […]

Quest (Adopted)

Quest has finally found her forever home! It has been a long road for this big, beautiful thoroughbred. Quest came to SEO nearly two years ago when she was recovering from being abandoned, starved, and […]

Jazz (Adopted)

This gorgeous gal is going to make someone an amazing trail partner! Jazz has a super sweet, want-to-please personality and gets along great with the other horses. Jazz has had extensive natural horsemanship groundwork and […]