River is a chestnut mare from the Tygh Valley herd. At roundup we noticed right away that she had a large, serious, old laceration on a hind leg that still had a significant area that was an open wound.

We took her to trainer Jasmine Cyphert to tame her enough for a veterinarian to work with her, and then took her straight to Oregon State University’s Large Animal Veterinary Hospital.  Several radiographs, ultrasounds, exams and wound treatments later, they declared that although it was kind of ugly, her leg was and would continue to work normally. Only 2.5 years old at the time, she was pregnant but aborted the foal.

A generous foster home spend 10 months cleaning and bandaging River’s leg. She continued to heal, but was still very skittish when she arrived at the training barn 3 months ago. This horse has so much try in her, but she is petrified at the same time!

At the training barn she lived in a round pen with a shelter so that she could walk around freely. That was important because her leg was used to the support of a bandage, but now that her wound was healed it needed to get good circulation without that support. Many hours were spent building trust and doing groundwork with her.  Two weeks ago she went to trainer Rachel Jerome’s to get started under saddle and better about picking up her hind feet.

Yesterday, not only did Rachel put the first ride on River, she did it in calm and relaxed fashion.  That’s a big deal on a horse like River! She is healthy, young and beautiful. We are hoping that once she is back at the barn getting worked that someone will be able to overlook that ugly scar tissue and see what an amazing little girl she really is!

NAME: River

AGE: 3

BREED: Quarter Horse


HEIGHT: 14.2 hands

COLOR: Chestnut

STATUS: In Training