Adopt A Horse

Our goal is to put our horses into safe and loving homes.  We pride ourselves on working with our potential adopters to make that possible.  Our job is to make sure each horse is paired with a the right person so it will have a successful, long term adoption.

When you adopt a horse, you not only save it, you open up a spot for the next horse in need!  Be part of the difference!

Whether this will be your first adoption or one of many, here is what you can expect adopting through SEO:

  • If you think the horse maybe a match, you will need to complete the pre adoption application.  This not only insures that the horse will be in a safe environment but also gives us an idea of what type of situation you have and what type of horse you are looking for.  Please be considerate of our volunteers and wait until you are ready to adopt before you apply.
  • After general approval of your application, you will be invited to visit your prospective horse(s).   This is your chance to meet your horse(s), ride it, groom it and spend as much time as you would like to get to know it.
  • If your horse meets your approval and we feel like it is a good match, we will then schedule a site visit to ensure your home or boarding facility is safe for the horse you have chosen. This is nothing against you, but many eventual hoarders try to adopt from rescues.  This step helps ensure we are adopting to a responsible owner.
  • The next step is to schedule an adoption day where you will sign an adoption agreement, pick up your horse, pay the adoption fee and hopefully let us take a photo of your new partnership!


Ready to Adopt? Get Started with our application:

Adoption Application

Want to learn more about a horse?

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