Adopt A Horse

Thank you for considering adopting an SEO horse! When you adopt a rescue horse, you not only save it, you also open up a spot for the next horse in need! Be part of the difference!

Our goal is to put our horses into safe and loving homes, and we go to great lengths to make sure each horse is paired with the right person so it will have a successful, long-term adoption. Here’s an overview of our adoption process:

Step 1: Complete a pre-adoption application

If you think the horse maybe a match, you will need to complete the pre-adoption application. This not only ensures that the horse will be in a safe environment, it also gives us an idea of what type of situation you have and what type of horse you are looking for.

Step 2: Meet and get to know your prospective horse

After general approval of your application, you will be invited to visit your prospective horse. This is your chance to meet the horse, ride it, groom it and spend as much time as you would like to get to know it.

Step 3: Visit your facility

If the horse meets your approval and we feel like it is a good match, we will then schedule a site visit to ensure your home or boarding facility is safe for the horse you have chosen.

Step 4: Sign the Adoption Agreement

The final step is to schedule an adoption day where you will sign an adoption agreement, pick up your horse, pay the adoption fee and hopefully let us take a photo of your new partnership!

Every horse SEO adopts out is protected by a contract that reserves the right to make sure the horse is being well cared for—and to take it back if it’s not. Adopters can return to us, at any time, for any reason.

Most of the conditions in our adoption agreement are just the basics of good horse ownership—proper food and shelter, regular farrier and veterinary care, and humane training and handling for the life of the horse. Our horses serve their human partners well, and they deserve to be loved and taken care of even after they can no longer be ridden. Other conditions include no breeding and no selling or rehoming the horse without SEO’s approval.

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