Alfalfa and Freemont

Alfalfa and Fremont are likely brothers. They were raised in a large, forested pasture with mares and an adult stallion, all left to breed at will for several years. In preparation for a move, the horses’ previous owner posted a craigslist ad that basically said that these unhandled Appaloosas need to go, so come and get them. Unfortunately, this meant that several people with limited experience taming horses wound up with them. About one year later, we ended up with three horses from this situation, including Alfalfa and Fremont. 

After taming, the boys headed into some groundwork training.  Alfalfa and Freemont are both pony-sized, good-natured geldings who are a lot of fun to work with. However, at different points during their training, we discovered that becoming riding horses was not in the cards for them. Alfalfa has an eye condition called uveitis that has already compromised his vision and will eventually lead to total blindness. Freemont is sound and comfortable in the pasture, but some old bone chips were discovered in one of his front legs that would eventually make riding difficult for him. 

We do not usually ask that two horses find a home together because we know how difficult it is to find. In Alfalfa and Freemont’s case, however, that is exactly what these boys need. They are bonded and derive confidence and comfort from each other. That is something Alfalfa desperately needs as he continues to lose his vision.  

If you are interested in possibly opening your home up to this adorable duo, please email [email protected].  In the meantime, while we search for a home, the boys need continued feed and care. To help Alfalfa and Freemont: