This little bay roan beauty is Breezy, an Arabian-Turkoman-Caspian cross mare (per the DNA test her foster mom got her). She stands 13.3 hands high and turns 13 this year.

Breezy came to us from the Wasco County Sheriff’s Department, which asked us to take her in after convincing her owners to surrender her in August 2017. The owners said they “rescued” the horse about 4 years ago, but that “it just won’t gain weight.” Clearly, they didn’t know how to feed a horse properly. In fact, they didn’t even know if she was a boy or a girl (she’s definitely a girl!).

Breezy was significantly underweight and malnourished, and she needed a series of dewormers, vaccines, a dental and hoof care. After a few months of careful re-feeding and loving attention at one of SEO’s foster homes, she regained her health and her spirit.

NAME: Breezy

AGE: 13

BREED: Arabian-Turkoman-Caspian cross (per DNA test)


HEIGHT: 13.3 Hands

COLOR: Bay Roan

STATUS: Adopted