When we take ownership of a horse, we commit to being a responsible owner. Unfortunately, sometimes the greatest gift an owner can give a horse, is to end its suffering.
Twenty year old Copper was a gorgeous and kind big guy. We were told that he packed his owner around the mountains for years. However, the last few years he lived in a large pasture with very little attention or care.
By the time we were asked by law enforcement to take Copper, too much damage had been done. There was just no way to get him comfortable.
Radiographs told part of his story. The veterinarians best guess is that he had suffered a fracture in one foot about 5 years ago. While that was healing, a serious case of ringbone progressed in both front feet. On top of all that, the poor guy was also severely laminitic in both front feet.
Copper had gotten to the point of such serious pain, he hardly walked at all. Amazingly, when he saw our trailer he put all the energy he had into not only getting to it, but also loading up like an old show horse.
While we are incredibly saddened that we could not help him more, we are so grateful that our supporters donate to us knowing we will make the tough decisions that help end the suffering of horses like Copper.
Enjoy your new painless freedom handsome boy!