Delta is one of our Lucky 7 Training Challenge horses!  This lucky girl gets to spend 120+ days in professional training with JR Robles.  Some of JR’s specialties include natural horsemanship, colt starting, western dressage, reining, and working with problem horses. Jonath has over 10 years of experience in the equine industry.

Delta came to us from a feral herd of good old Doc Bar ranch stock in the Tygh Valley area.  She was adopted straight from the round up but because she had never been touched, she proved to be a bit too much for her adopter, so she was returned to SEO.  Now, with JR’s handling Delta has overcome the fear of touch and is becoming much more relaxed.  Her progress is so fun to watch!  This athletic young mare has so many great things ahead of her!

After spending 4 months with a trainer, the Lucky 7 Horses will compete on October 7th at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville, OR.  Each horse will be scored in a compulsory patter, in hand pattern, trail course and freestyle. The auction will immediately follow the awards ceremony.  If you are interested in becoming a pre – approved bidder for Brooke please email our adoption chairman [email protected].

NAME: Delta

AGE: 3

BREED: Quarter Horse


HEIGHT: 15.1 hands

COLOR: Chestnut

STATUS: Entered in Lucky 7 Training Challenge