Eclipse is super sweet and loves people. Eclipse is an easy keeper and very sweet to handle. He is blind in his right eye and has some vision loss in his left eye, but still gets around pretty well during the day. He loves other horses but is at the very bottom of the herd. He would do best with a solid fence rather than just a string of wire, so that he can see it. He would love a mellow buddy and someone to call his very own.

The last owner said that he was a packhorse and then a riding horse. He was not broke until he was 14. He might be okay for lead line in an arena, though we have not tried this. Other than needing a fly mask, he doesn’t require anything special. He will need an owner that watches

out for him, makes sure he can find his food and water and helps him acclimate to a new place.

NAME: Eclipse

AGE: 19

BREED: Appaloosa

GENDER: Gelding


COLOR: White

STATUS: Adopted