On Saturday, the vet removed the wire that was tightly wrapped around his lower leg. It went as well as we could have hoped for! This 8-year-old guy is smart, calm and level headed.

The wire was crazy tight on his leg. Fortunately, it only punctured one small spot. The part of his leg below the wire was hot and swollen, so at least we know it was getting some blood supply. There does appear to be some necrotic tissue already, so it will probably look worse before it looks better. Fingers crossed that the reduced blood supply will not make him lose that hoof capsule! Thank you to Dr. Asmar and the entire staff at Eagle Fern Equine Hospital for putting up with the not-so-easy horses we come across!

The plan now is to spend massive amounts of time taming him over the next few days so that we can get a second shot of antibiotic into him easier and sedate him next time standing. He also got a tetanus shot and a Vitamin E / Selenium injection.

He has a bit of a tough road ahead, but if all goes well we are guessing you will get to see an amazing horse blossom. We are excited about this calm, cool man!

He and his band really still need your support!