Penny is from the Tygh Valley herd we helped rehome in August of 2016.  Although she was probably the prettiest mover of the bunch, she had a smaller build that the rest. She was also the flightiest of the group, giving her the nickname “panel jumper” from when we were first trying to tame her. She spent a month at trainer Rachel Jerome’s to get the taming process started and then we discovered that she was in foal.

Penny spent months at a loving foster home who continued to work to gain her trust. Her filly Hope was weaned about a month ago, and Penny came back to the training barn to get ready for a new home.

Penny now has a loving, skilled horsewoman wanting to adopt her as well as her friend and herd mate Thelma and continue to patiently further their training!  We are super excited to finally see these girls find a home, especially one where they can stay together! These two really love each other!

NAME: Penny

AGE: 4

BREED: Quarter Horse


HEIGHT: 14.2 hands

COLOR: Chestnut

STATUS: Adoption Pending