Every horse SEO adopts out is protected by a contract that reserves the right to make sure the horse is being well cared for—and to take it back if it’s not. Adopters can return to us, at any time, for any reason.

SEO does this because we want to make sure that no horse rescued by SEO will ever be neglected, abused or abandoned again, or wind up dumped at an auction. Not ever.

Most of the conditions in our adoption agreement are just the basics of good horse ownership—proper food and shelter, regular farrier and veterinary care, and humane training and handling for the life of the horse. Our horses serve their human partners well, and they deserve to be loved and taken care of even after they can no longer be ridden. Other conditions include no breeding and no selling or rehoming the horse without SEO’s approval.

Unfortunately, there are some rescues that transfer full ownership to adopters without any conditions at all. And there are even some big-name organizations that encourage the transfer of full ownership will little or no conditions.

We believe rescues should set an example and help educate people about the basics of good horse ownership. We also encourage those who sell horses privately to consider including some conditions in their sales contracts.

That’s why we’re joining like-minded organizations to promote a #SafetyForever campaign. It’s a promise to our horses and to our donors and supporters that we will always look out for the well being of every horse we rescue.