Congratulations to the Senz family for adopting Valente at our Lucky 7 Challenge! He and trainer Rachel Jerome were our 2017 champions!

This handsome horse was supposedly born in a large, free roaming breeding “program.” The story we heard was that an irresponsible breeder got in over their head and had way too many horses to handle or sell. Valente ended up as a two-year-old unhandled stallion in a slaughter pen. A future hoarder bought him, but then was later charged with animal neglect when she also collected more horses than she was able to properly care for. Ever since arriving, Valente has been a kind soul. He would always try to be brave, but if he spooked he would head away from us and not at us! He has more than blossomed in training. Reliability and try is what this boy is all about.

NAME: Valente

AGE: 4

BREED: Paint Cross

GENDER: Gelding

HEIGHT: 14.3 hands

COLOR: Black / White

STATUS: Entered in Lucky 7 Training Challenge