Khodie (in rehab)

It makes you sick thinking how many times Khodie has been let down by people. We won’t let it happen yo you again, buddy. We have your back and will always fight for what’s best for you.

As we left to go get Khodie the evening of October 4, 2019, I looked at the map and realized that, dang it, we have been to that place before.

Five years ago we picked up 2 Arabian stallions from this boarding barn (Nate and […]

#Safety Forever


Every horse SEO adopts out is protected by a contract that reserves the right to make sure the horse is being well cared for—and to take it back if it’s not. Adopters can return to us, at any time, for any reason.

SEO does this because we want to make sure that no horse rescued by SEO will ever be neglected, abused or abandoned again, or wind up dumped at an auction. Not ever.

Most of the conditions in our adoption agreement […]


Arlo, whose registered name is “Jhugimal Deal,” was born on April 14, 1995 to a Thoroughbred breeder in Kentucky. As a yearling he was sold at a Keeneland Sale, the largest and most prominent Thoroughbred auction house in the world. Out of 3,900 horses sold at that sale, he was #3800 and only sold for $600. But he must have shown some potential as a racehorse, because just four months later he was sold at a Thoroughbred auction in […]


On Saturday, the vet removed the wire that was tightly wrapped around his lower leg. It went as well as we could have hoped for! This 8-year-old guy is smart, calm and level headed.

The wire was crazy tight on his leg. Fortunately, it only punctured one small spot. The part of his leg below the wire was hot and swollen, so at least we know it was getting some blood supply. There does appear to be some necrotic tissue already, […]

Twickenham Valley Ranch Horses

What happens if you’re a horse and NO ONE claims you? What happens if you are an ENTIRE HERD of these horses, multiplying steadily yet struggling to survive?

A Little History:

We have been concerned about the plight of feral horses in Wheeler County for quite some time. In 2013, we helped the County with a different group of feral horses. In the last year, we’ve been made aware of another group of feral horses. Both of these herds date back to […]

Thoroughbred Rescue – May 2018

Do you remember the group of 15 Thoroughbreds owned by an elderly man with advanced stage cancer? He had been trying to rehome the horses for years with no success. No one wanted older, untamed Thoroughbreds.

In January, we took in four of the horses and began a fundraising effort called Project Give Them a Chance so we could go back for the others as room and funding allowed. Two more horses were rehomed directly from his property and one had […]

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